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Lyman Case Trimmer Pilots Lyman Case Trimmer Pilots

Lyman Case Trimmer Pilots are required when trimming cases with the Lyman Case Trimmer. The appropriate sized pilot lines the case head square to the cutter.

Our Price: $12.00
Lyman Trimmer Power Adapter Lyman Trimmer Power Adapter

Lyman’s new power adapter allows you to quickly and simply convert your Universal Case Trimmer to a power trimmer. All you need is a standard electric hand drill or power screwdriver. The adapter comes with its own cutter and stop collars so you can convert back and forth from power to hand mode without changing your settings. You can easily trim over 250 cases an hour in the power mode. The Lyman Universal Chuckhead system allows you to switch to any caliber from .17 up to .458. No collets required. The power adapter fits only the Lyman Universal Trimmer.

Our Price: $75.00
Lyman Accutrimmer Lyman Accutrimmer

Lyman innovation at an affordable price. Trims cases .17 through .458 Win. Mag. Uses standard shellholders to position cartridge and standard Lyman cutter heads and pilots. Available with our popular nine Pilot Multi-Pack. Purchase with shellholder set shown in die section and reloader has universal “trimability”.

Our Price: $180.00
Lyman Universal Case Trimmer Lyman Universal Case Trimmer

Lyman’s Universal Trimmer features the patented Universal Chuckhead which handles any case from .17 caliber to .458. No costly collets required! Features coarse and fine adjustments. Adjusting ring lets you “dial in to an approximate setting for quick repeatability”. Includes 9 of the most popular pilots. Optional power adapter lets you upgrade to power in seconds.

Our Price: $250.00