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Bore Gauge Bore Gauge

Bore Gauge
Available in Brass or German silver.
Easy-to-read numbering.
One side calibers up to 80, other side: shotgun bore up to 10.
Also metric sizes.
Handy carry-on key chain. Handy use in stores, firing line, gun shows, etc.
Works best for muzzleloading guns

Our Price: $15.00
Wedge Key and Sight Drift Punch Wedge Key and Sight Drift Punch

Our knurled brass drift punch was made to allow installing and adjusting dovetail sights, and removing wedge keys from rifles, shotguns, and percussion revolvers, without marking the part. The brass drift is 2-1/2" in overall length, 3/8" in diameter. The blade area is .083" thick and 3/8" wide.

Our Price: $22.00
Percussion Cylinder Fixture Percussion Cylinder Fixture

This is a very handy little fixture! Many revolver owners need to remove nipples from their cylinders and they don't want to mare the finish putting it in a clamp. Up until now they used a piece of leather. This is very strong and can be hand held or put in a fixture, (Vice), as shown. It works on all sizes of cylinders!!

Our Price: $22.00
Never Leak Oiler Never Leak Oiler

Gives one drop just where wanted. Absolutely tight and will not leak. Can be carried in pocket or case without soiling other articles. Constructed of solid brass, measuring 3-1/2" long. Very lightweight. Ideal for hunting pouch, shooting box, car, camper, fishing reel or just around the house.

Our Price: $35.00
Coil Mainspring Vise Coil Mainspring Vise

This tool is designed to safely compress the coil mainspring in a Thompson Center and other similar imported locks that use a coil mainspring. Novice gun owners may try to disassemble a coil mainspring lock using a needle nose Vice-Grip® pliers, but then the coil mainspring goes flying across the room only to be lost.
This tool allows for easy removable and installation of a coil mainspring. Simply lower the hammer all the way down. Center the tool hooks on the mainspring plunger collar and plunger boss. Then squeeze gently. The coil mainspring will compress enough to allow the mainspring and plunger to be removed from the tumbler notch. It securely holds the compressed mainspring in place while removing it. Gently let go to release it from the tool. To install the mainspring back in the lock, center the tool on the mainspring plunger boss and hook the other end back on the collar of the mainspring plunger. Squeeze slightly and set the mainspring plunger back into the tumbler notch.
Removal and installation can be done in just a few seconds. Never have your mainspring go flying across the room again.

Our Price: $40.00
Wheeler Brass & Nylon Hammer Wheeler Brass & Nylon Hammer

This hammer features both a 1" brass face and a non-marring 1" nylon face that is great for alignment and other uses where a steel hammer is not appropriate. 11" overall.

Our Price: $49.00
Roll Pin Punch Set Roll Pin Punch Set

Roll pins require this special punch set
Ideal tools for removing hollow, split roll pins. Special round nose design allows proper alignment of punch in roll pin to prevent damage to fine mechanisms such as trigger group parts. Roll Pin Punches come in 1/16, 3/32, 1/8, 5/32 sizes.

Our Price: $50.00
Muzzle Loader Main Spring Vice Muzzle Loader Main Spring Vice

Novice gun owners may try to disassemble a fine lock using a Channel Lock® or Vice-Grip® pliers, but every experienced gunsmith knows the value of our mainspring vise.
Avoid scratching your mainspring. Scratches form stress marks, eventually causing breakage.
Draw the lock to half cock, slip on the spring vise, gently tighten the screw, then gently lower the hammer. Never compress the spring past full cock!

Our Price: $60.00
Gunsmith Punch Set Gunsmith Punch Set

A good selection of properly made and correctly sized punches is no longer hard to find. Now they’re available from Lyman. The Gunsmith’s Punch Set offers a complete selection of quality steel punches with hardened steel punch tips including 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/8" centre punch and a brass drift punch.

Our Price: $75.00
Trigger Pull Gauge Trigger Pull Gauge

The Wheeler Trigger Pull Scale accurately measures trigger pull weight from 8 ounces to 8 pounds. It features an ergonomically shaped handle for consistent direction of pull. Highly visible increment markings and easy to read sliding indicator that stays ont eh maximum weight registered make it easy to read. It measures in 2 ounce increments and is accurate to +/- 2 oz.
The trigger pull scale is an excellent tool for use when adjusting triggers to ensure accuracy and maintain safe performance.

Our Price: $75.00
Hammer Set / Interchangable Heads Hammer Set / Interchangable Heads

Includes 2 hammer bodies and 8 hammer faces
4 hammer faces with each hammer body: metal, brass, nylon, rubber
Hammer bodies made of precision machined metal
Large Hammer (10oz) for driving out large or stubborn roll pins
Small Hammer (6oz) for precise control of smaller roll pins
Steel Head – For metal punches and surfaces
Brass Head – For preventing marring of metal surfaces and for brass punches
Plastic Head – Non marring
Rubber Head – Low recoil, and can prevent denting of wood
Comes with Durable Blow Molded case that organises, holds and protects components.

Our Price: $85.00
Gunsmith's Punch Set Gunsmith's Punch Set

The 28 Piece Professional Gunsmithing Kit contains a -
high quality hammer,
punch set,
screwdriver set,
which is ideal for trouble free firearm assembly and disassembly, scope mounting and other gunsmithing tasks.
This all in one kit is a must have for any shooter who loves to tweak their guns to perfection!
2-in-1 Hammer/Screwdriver with Brass & Nylon Heads
Steel Punch in Sizes (") - 2 x 3/32 and 2 x 1/16
Brass Punch in Sizes (") - 5/16, 9/32, 1/4, 7/32, 3/16, 5/32, 9/64 and 1/8
Composite Punch in Sizes (") - 3/8 and 15/64
12 Specialty Screwdriver Bits
Sturdy Plastic Carry/Storage Case

Our Price: $90.00
Modular Barrel Vise Bushings Modular Barrel Vise Bushings

Standard or custom made bushings for your Modular Barrel Vise.
We can supply you with just about any bushing you need to properly clamp onto any barrel under 1.350" in diameter.

Note: These bushings are included in the Modular Barrel Vise Kit.

.865"-.870" Tapered Bushings
.925"-.930" Tapered Bushings
1.000" Straight Bushings
1.200" Straight Bushings
1.250" Straight Bushings

Additional bushings available
.700"-.756" Tapered Bushings for light weight "Sporter" contours
Tikka T3 Sporter contour.
.956"-.965" Tapered Bushings, works great with most barrel contours, clamps around the barrel in front of the forend on most rifles.
1.075" Straight Bushings, Pre-fit barrels which have a 1.0625" contour at the chamber end.
1.130" Straight Bushings
1.350" Straight Bushings

The .700"-.756" tapered bushing is for "pencil" barrel contours which have a rapid reduction in diameter right in front of the largest diameter of the barrel on the chamber end. This bushing works great with Remington Sporter type contours about 5" to 6" in front of the action face.

The .865"-.870" tapered bushing is one of the more popular bushing sizes. It can be used on medium to light barrel contours like the Remington Sendero if a 1.250" bushing cannot be placed directly in front of the action face, the .865"-.870" bushing can be placed a few inches forward.

The .956"-.965" tapered bushing is for Accuracy International and similar contoured barrels which allow the barrel to be clamped in front of the handguard for easy removal. These bushings also work well with other larger diameter barrels like Heavy Palma and Heavy Varmint contours

The 1.130" straight bushing is for barrels similar to the FN SPR contour where the barrel is to be clamped directly in front of the action face.

The 1.200" straight bushing is one of the most popular bushing sizes. It is used to properly clamp M40, Sporter contours and most varmint contours in addition to any barrel with a straight section of 1.200" for more than 1.5" long.

The 1.250" straight bushing is one of the most popular bushing sizes. It is used to properly clamp MTU, Heavy Palma, Medium Palma, and any barrel with a straight section of 1.250" for more than 1.5" long.

The 1.350" straight bushing is used for larger contoured barrels for action such as the Surgeon XL which use a 1.350" barrel diameter. This bushing can be clamped directly in front of the action face.

Our Price: $95.00
Lyman Master Gunsmith tool kit - 45 piece. Lyman Master Gunsmith tool kit - 45 piece.

Lyman Master Gunsmith tool kit - 45 piece.
Provides all the bits needed by gunsmiths and all those who work on firearms!

Our Price: $115.00
Lyman Deluxe Hammer Punch Set. Lyman Deluxe Hammer Punch Set.

The ideal combination for the home gunsmith or handyman.
Each set features our complete selection of quality gunsmith punches plus the popular Brass Tapper Hammer. This unique set comes in a custom hardwood storage case which separates each punch by size for quick access.

Our Price: $135.00
Electronic Trigger Pull Guage Electronic Trigger Pull Guage

The Lyman Trigger Pull Gauge is designed to be the fastest and most accurate Trigger Pull Gauge available on the market. Unlike other gauges, there are no weights or sliding pointers to contend with. Simply place the gauge on the trigger and pull! This instrument will accurately record the results, as you can take multiple readings and then take the average weight for the string at the touch of a button! This state of the art instrument is a must for any shooter or gunsmith! 0-12 lb range, 1/10oz accuracy, large digital LCD display.

Our Price: $145.00
Modular Action Wrench Head Only Modular Action Wrench Head Only

Wrench Heads only

Wrenches Heads to suit -
Model 1 - Remington 700 Actions
Model 2 - Winchester M70, FN SPR actions, Springfield 1903 ***
Model 5 - Tikka T3 Actions
Model 6: Howa 1500 actions ***, Borden actions, Kelbly's actions
Model 10 - Defiance Elite, Pierce actions,
Model 12 - Sako A7 Actions
Model 15 - Sako TRG

Note -
*** Indicates Right Hand Configuration Only

Our Price: $145.00
Lyman Master Gunsmith tool kit - 65 piece. Lyman Master Gunsmith tool kit - 65 piece.

Lyman Master Gunsmith tool kit - 65 piece.
Provides all the bits needed by gunsmiths and all those who work on firearms!

Our Price: $165.00
Fat Torque Wrench ( Screwdriver ). Wheeler Fat Torque Wrench ( Screwdriver ). Wheeler

This amazing handheld torque wrench lets you apply repeatable, accurate torque settings to scope rings, guard screws and other screws, which aids in accuracy and decreases the opportunity for problems in the field.
The FAT Wrench is a perfect compliment to the Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Sets. Together, they can ensure accurate tightening of most every screw on any gun in your collection.
Torque adjustments range from 10 inch pounds to 65 inch pounds
Accuracy plus/minus 2 inch pounds
1/4" drive
Plastic Case Included

Our Price: $190.00
Digital Fat Torque Wrench Digital Fat Torque Wrench

This amazing digital handheld torque wrench lets you apply repeatable, accurate torque settings to your scope rings, bows and other screws. The audible and visual indicators let the user know exactly when the desired torque setting has been achieved. The large range of 15-100 in/lbs. will aid in accuracy of all your screws and decreases the opportunity for problems in the field. The FAT Wrench Bits are built to last and are made from S2 Tool steel and hardened to 56-56 Rockwell “C”.
Ergonomic over molded design
Large LCD Digital display for ease of viewing
15 -100 in/lb. range
+/- 2% accuracy
Audible indicator tone
Visual indicator
Low battery indicator
Soft touch buttons
Injection moulded storage case

Our Price: $200.00
Bench Source Barrel Vice Bench Source Barrel Vice

Bench Source Barrel Vice. Clamps .810" to 1.50"
The base of the vise has two holes for mounting permanently to a rigid heavy bench. The holes are designed to clear (2) 3/8 diameter bolts which should be long enough to secure it to your mounting bench using hex nuts and lock washers. Flat washers or ‘fender washers’ would also be a good idea if your bench is made of wood. We do not supply the bolts because we have no way of knowing the necessary length to facilitate mounting to your particular bench. These bolts should be Grade 5 or better to ensure that the over hung load will be supported if you lose grip of your rifle. Center distance of the holes is 6-3/16”apart for reference.
We have used the vise many times at the shooting range to switch barrels between matches. This can be done using (2) heavy ‘C’ Clamps and clamping the vise securely to a strong flat bench. Using the vise in this manner, you will find that a friend or helper will be most useful. Please note that by using the clamps, the vise will not be as secure as mounting permanently using the bolts as previously mentioned.
The clamping capacity of your new vise is 13/16” to 1½” in diameter. There should be no problem clamping on a tapered or straight barrel. if you are tightening or loosening a fluted barrel, position it in such a way that the clamping action will not mar or indent the adjacent sides of the flutes. While using the vise is somewhat self explanatory, we have come up with several things that will be helpful.If you are concerned that you may scratch or leave clamp marks on the O.D. of your barrel. It is a good idea to use a thin piece of leather, It should wrap around your barrel one complete revolution without overlapping. Be aware that leather will sometimes degrade the look of a blued barrel. Another thing that we have used with a lot of success is a piece of thin cardboard. You will find that the tube from the center of a roll of paper towels will make a lot of bushings approximately 1½” long. Simply slide it over your barrel from the muzzle end and leave it sticking out both sides of the barrel vise to make sure that you utilizing the full surface area of the jaws.
When clamping on your barrel, always grip it as closely as possible to the breach end. Note that we nearly always switch barrels leaving the action and screws securely in place in the stock. While this may seem a little awkward, it works very well if you have a helping hand as we mentioned earlier.
There is no magical amount of torque that needs to be put on the clamp studs to securely keep your barrel from spinning in the vise. Just remember that you must get them tight enough. Spinning your barrel in the vise no matter what you are using to protect it will most likely leave witness marks.
When tightening, always try to maintain an even amount of torque on both studs to get maximum gripping power.Always use a good rear entry action wrench or suitable wrench that fits the receiver ringon your action. This will ensure that no harm will come from over stressing or twisting your bolt raceways. Either type of wrench will work satisfactorily.
Every manufacturer has different specifications as to locking compound or lack there of and the amount of torque required to keep your barrel secure. There is no specific answer. What works for us may not be suitable for you because of your barrel twist rate, vibration, thread condition, et cetera. What we do recommend is to clean the threads spotless on the tenon of your barrel and inside the receiver ring of your action before re-installing a barrel. Along with this you must lubricate the barrel threads with grease or anti-seize compound to prevent galling. Even some locking compounds lubricate properly if your intent is to not switch barrels often.

Our Price: $240.00
Modular Action Wrench Body Only Modular Action Wrench Body Only

After extensive torture testing we manufactured our wrench bodies out of 4140 Alloy Steel with a super hard heat treat and protected with a Black Oxide finish. With our unique modified 3/8" square drive interface is tool-less and offers super quick wrench head changes. On the back end, we have a standard 5/8" Hex to work with any standard 6 point or 12 point socket. With a nominal .685" body diameter, it works with a large array of actions from Howa 1500's, Tikka T3's to the Surgeon XL magnum action.

Kit contains Action Wrench Body & 2 Bumpers.

Please make sure you look over the diagram, It will help you understand how the bumper goes on and that Bumper Nut Must Be Used At All Time.

Wrenches Heads sold separately on separate page.
Heads only to suit -
Model 1 - Remington 700 Actions
Model 2 - Winchester M70, FN SPR actions, Springfield 1903 ***
Model 5 - Tikka T3 Actions
Model 6: Howa 1500 actions ***, Borden actions, Kelbly's actions
Model 10 - Defiance Elite, Pierce actions,
Model 12 - Sako A7 Actions
Model 15 - Sako TRG

Note -
*** Indicates Right Hand Configuration Only

Our Price: $315.00
Lyman Borecam. Digital Bore Scope Lyman Borecam. Digital Bore Scope

Lyman's new Borescope provides active shooters with the means to carefully inspect the bores of their firearms for wear, throat erosion, tool marks, and other rifling or chamber damage, as well as for checking for fouling. The scope will fit 20 caliber and larger barrels and works with miniature camera technology. The display will show a clear image of the inside of the barrel and also allows you to take a photo of the bore. The image will be stored on a standard SD card and can later be viewed on a computer or laptop.
Scope fits 20 caliber and larger barrels
22" long rod
Miniature digital camera technology
Images can be captured from the display and saved to a memory card

Our Price: $595.00
Bravo Barrel Vise Kit Bravo Barrel Vise Kit

The Bravo Barrel Vise Kit includes -
ARCA Mounting Base,
5 bushings .865”-.870”, .925”-.930”, 1.000”, 1.200”, 1.250”. Bushing stand.
The "Bravo" utilizes a simple 2 bolt design to clamp the top and bottom together. This clamping system greatly reduces the amount of machine time, materials and complexity of the assembly.
Made from high strength 7075 Aluminum, we CNC machine all the parts for an amazing fit and finish. Supplied with the "Bravo" are two alloy steel 1/2" x 13 cap head screws 3.25" long, Grade 8 washers and Grade 9, extreme strength 1/2" x 13 Nuts. The supplied cap head screws can be used to secure the top and bottom together, or the end user can purchase Two hex bolts, insert them from the bottom, and use the washers and nuts on the top.
When using the appropriate bushing and the supplied non-adhesive drywall tape, you can clamp onto finished or painted barrels with out leaving any handling marks or defects.
The barrel vise use commonly found "Drywall Joint Tape" to protect the barrel's finish and help grip the barrel.
Available from Plaster Suppliers or Hardware Stores

Other Bushings available by order

Adjustable handles in pix not included

Our Price: $675.00