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Ram Prime 90106 Ram Prime 90106

Primes on the press up-stroke for a more sensitive feel. Includes easy to change punches for both large and small primers. Fits all brands of presses.

Our Price: $35.00
Universal Decapping Die Universal Decapping Die

The Lee Universal Decapping and Depriming Die is made of steel and allows the reloader to take cases directly from the range and decap them without the need of lube or cleaning. The Decapper even removes crimped in primers and accepts cases up to .550 in diameter. Shellholders sold separately..

While this is listed as a Universal die, it is not recommended for use with 17 or 20 calibre cases.

Our Price: $40.00
50 BMG Ram Prime Tool 50 BMG Ram Prime Tool

Lee Ram Prime used on the Classic Cast Press for the Large Series 50 BMG.

Our Price: $65.00
Auto Prime XR 90230 Auto Prime XR 90230

The new Auto-Prime XR eliminates the primer brand restriction so any brand primer is now usable. The new Auto-Prime XR features a patent pending elevator pin. This pin safely separates a single primer from the others and presents it for priming, reducing the likelihood of a chain fire. The new tool also has a new unbreakable comfort curve lever. Comes with both, large and small primer trays with slide on covers that comfortably accepts all brands of primer boxes. Built-in primer flipper turns them right side up. Simply dump the primers into the tray, shake lightly, replace cover and you’re ready to prime. Uses Auto Prime shell holders only (sold separately).

Our Price: $70.00
Lyman Primer Feed for T- Mag & Crusher Presses Lyman Primer Feed for T- Mag & Crusher Presses

Eliminates handling of primers with oily fingers, speeds loading. Supplied with two tubes (large and small). Fits T-Mag II and Crusher II.

Our Price: $85.00
Auto Bench Primer Auto Bench Primer

The easiest, most convenient bench mounted priming tool on the market. Symmetrical design allows effortless right or left hand operation. Comfortable lever with just the right amount of mechanical advantage effortlessly seats even the most difficult primers with just finger pressure. The perfect mechanical advantage to feel the primer seating completely home into the primer pocket.
Includes priming assemblies for large and small primers. Made of a water clear tough polyester material that allows you to monitor the primers passage from the tray to the primer pocket. Change primer size or shell holder in seconds.

Our Price: $100.00
Ergo Prime 90250 Ergo Prime 90250

Premium hand held priming tool with all the features of the worlds most popular Auto-Prime, with a new ERGOnomic design. The Ergo-Prime has a highly sculpted body that fits your hand perfectly along with long smoothly contoured finger lever that easily installs the tightest primers.  Clear, slide on cover provided for both trays (for large and small primers).  Accepts Auto Prime Shell holders, sold separately.

Our Price: $120.00
Handheld Depriming Tool Handheld Depriming Tool

The Hand Deprimer is made of robust die cast aluminum and features our (patent pending) Universal Collet System. In just 4 easy steps you can deprime your spent brass by hand. No need to set up your press and reset your dies to deprime a few cases. This system is fully contained. It even captures the spent primers in a collection tube so you can dump them later. Our Universal Collet System can handle brass from .20 cal all the way up to .338 lapua. This deprimer can even deprime pistol brass. Military crimped primers are easily removed as well with the full length ergonomic grip.

Extremely efficient design for ease and speed of depriming
Universal collet system to deprime brass from .20 cal up to .338 Lapua
Robust die cast aluminum construction for extended use
Auto-ejecting case holder for easy removal of deprimed cases
Comes with 3 different collets for different diameter cases
Features an easily removable spent primer catch tube
Easily deprime crimped primers
Works on pistol and rifle brass
Ergonomic grip

Our Price: $120.00
Hornady Improved Hand Priming Tool Hornady Improved Hand Priming Tool

The perfect companion to any single stage press...Hornady's new handheld priming tool features a new one-piece primer try with an improved retaining system for the lid. It also sports integral molded bushings for ultra reliable function. The new primer tray also eliminates the need for separate primer bushings. The system comes with an additional tray designed for use with RCBS shell holders.  The body has been modified for easier change-over.  The seater punch and spring are captured inside the priming tool; allowing shell holders and primer trays to be changed without removing the spring and punch.

Our Price: $125.00
RCBS Universal Hand Primer RCBS Universal Hand Primer

Features a universal shellholder system that will accept cases from 32 ACP to 45-70 Government.  Simply install the appropriate size screw-in primer plug, fill the primer tray, insert it into the tool and you are off and priming.  The ergonomic grip is comfortable to use by right or left handed users.  The primer seating safety gate isolates the primer being inserted from the primer supply in the tray.

Our Price: $195.00
RCBS Automatic Priming Tool RCBS Automatic Priming Tool

The Automatic Priming Tool is fast, accurate and highly sensitive due to a unique single-stage lever system. Primers feed through the auto primer feed tube one by one, preventing potential contamination from oily fingers. Two primer rod assemblies and two primer feed tubes for large and small primers are included.

Our Price: $220.00