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416 Taylor Unprimed Brass 416 Taylor Unprimed Brass

416 Taylor Unprimed Brass
Pack of 20 pieces
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The .416 Taylor was created by Robert Chatfield-Taylor in the early 1970s for the Winchester Model 1970. The case is based on the .458 Winchester Magnum necked down to accept .416 caliber bullets. The cartridge was created to replace the magnum length .416 Rigby which at that time was nearly obsolete, with a cartridge that would fit into a standard length bolt-action rifle. The shorter action rifles are not only easier to carry in heavy cover, but also make it more convenient to carry more ammunition. The Taylor cartridge is simply a necked down .458 Winchester Magnum with no changes. As of January 2011 the 416 Taylor had become a SAAMI standardized cartridge. The .416 Taylor is capable of propelling a 400 grain projectile at an average of 2,350 ft/s yielding a ME of a 4,903 ft-lb making it capable of taking any of the largest and most dangerous game animals in the world.

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