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458 Winchester Magnum Unprimed Brass 458 Winchester Magnum Unprimed Brass

458 Win Mag Unprimed Brass
Pack of 50 pieces
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The .458 Winchester Magnum is a belted, straight-taper rifle cartridge. It was introduced commercially in 1956 by Winchester and first chambered in the Winchester Model 70 African rifle. It was designed to compete against the .450 Nitro Express and the .470 Nitro Express cartridges found in big bore British double-barrel rifles. The cartridge would become the standard African dangerous game cartridge in short order. The .458 Winchester Magnum's case was based on a .375 H&H case shortened to 2.5 inches and renecked to accept a .458 caliber bullet. The cartridge remains the largest of the standard length magnum cartridge family released by Winchester. The .458 Winchester Magnum remains to this day as one of the most popular dangerous game cartridges. Current performance standards for the cartridge allow it to launch a 500 gr bullet at a velocity of about 2,150 ft/s through a 24 in barrel. With modern powders the .458 Winchester Magnum is capable of launching a 300 gr bullet at 2,600 ft/s, a 350 gr bullet at 2,500 ft/s, a 400 gr bullet at 2,400 ft/s, and the 450 gr bullet at 2,300 ft/s. The .458 Winchester Magnum was designed for use against heavy thick skinned African game species such as elephant, rhinoceros and African Cape buffalo. It is considered over powered for North American game species, although the cartridge has found some use for the hunting of large bears such as the polar and Alaskan brown bear and American bison. In the 1971 film, Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood's character uses a .458 Winchester Magnum as the weapon of choice during the stakeout for Scorpio. His police chief claims, "this thing could kill an elephant, apparently you like a little edge".

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