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577 Nitro Express, BPE 3" Unprimed Brass Cases 577 Nitro Express, BPE 3" Unprimed Brass Cases

The .577 Nitro Express is a rimmed cartridge in the Nitro Express series of big-game hunting ammunition. The .577 NE is notable as the standard caliber of professional ivory hunters in the 19th and early 20th centuries. The .577 Nitro Express was descended from the .577 Black Powder Express, a cartridge invented by the late Samuel Baker who had Holland & Holland build him an express rifle in this caliber. It began as a black powder round, and later was loaded with smokeless powders. It fires a 750-grain bullet at a muzzle velocity of around 2,050 ft/s. This caliber is generally used for thick-skinned dangerous game such as elephant, rhino, and Cape buffalo. Even among professional ivory hunters of old it is typically treated as an emergency weapon carried by the hunter's gun bearer. Only a few hunters such as James Sutherland did use it as their primary elephant rifle. It is unnecessarily powerful, harsh recoiling, and unwieldy for use against lesser game.

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