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500 Jeffery Unprimed Brass Cases 500 Jeffery Unprimed Brass Cases

The .500 Jeffery is a big-game rifle cartridge that first appeared around 1920 and was originally introduced by the August Schuler Company, a German firm, under the European designation "12.7x70 mm Schuler". When offered by the famed British outfitter Jeffery's Guns, Rifles, it was renamed the .500 Jeffery so as to be more palatable to British hunters and sportsmen following World War One. When introduced, the .500 Jeffery was the most powerful rifle cartridge in existence and remained so prior to World War II. When the .500 Jeffery was first introduced it was loaded to a velocity of 2,350 ft/s topped off with a 535 grain bullet generating 6,560 ME.

Box of 20 pieces.
Sold per box.

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