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450 Rigby Unprimed Brass 450 Rigby Unprimed Brass

The .450 Rigby is a rimless, bottlenecked cartridge intended for the hunting of heavy dangerous game. The cartridge was put into production in 1995. The cartridge is based on the .416 Rigby necked up to accept a .458-inch bullet. The cartridge is intended for use in magazine rifles and should not be confused with the .450 Rigby Nitro Express which is a rimmed cartridge for double rifles. Unlike many modern .458 caliber dangerous game cartridges like the .458 Winchester, .458 Lott or the .460 Weatherby Magnum, the .450 Rigby was designed to operate at more moderate pressures. The .450 Rigby reaches 2,400 ft/s muzzle velocity with the 500 grain with ease. Acceptable projectile weights range from 300 grain to 600 grain. The .450 Rigby was designed primarily to take heavy, thick skinned, dangerous game species. Due to the cartridge's performance, it would be considered a better cartridge for species such as African elephant, Cape buffalo, rhinoceros and perhaps hippopotamus. It is a powerful enough stopper against polar and Alaskan brown bear and is equally suited for the harvesting of the American bison.
All specifications represent maximum dimensions.
Rim Thickness 0.0650"
Rim Diameter 0.5902"
Wall Thickness 0.0147"

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