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405 Winchester Unprimed Brass Cases 405 Winchester Unprimed Brass Cases

Box of 20 cases.
Sold per box.

The .405 Winchester also known as the .405 WCF is a centre-fire rifle cartridge introduced in 1904 for the Winchester 1895 lever-action rifle. It was the most powerful lever-action cartridge available until the .444 Marlin was introduced in 1964. The .405 Winchester was a favourite of U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt during his safari in East Africa. The original Winchester factory load consisted of a 300gr. soft point or metal patch (Full Metal Jacket) bullet at 2,200 ft/s. When the Winchester Model 1895 was discontinued in 1936, the cartridge became obsolete. The .405 Winchester was also chambered in Winchester's Model 1885 Single-Shot Rifle, the Remington-Lee bolt-action rifle, and many British and European double rifles. New rifles are being chambered in .405 Winchester by Ruger, Winchester, Browning and Shiloh Sharps. Since its introduction, many hunters have used the .405 Winchester on African big game, to include Rhino and Buffalo; however it is generally considered best used against light skinned game.
All specifications represent maximum dimensions.
Rim Thickness 0.0730"
Rim Diameter 0.5430"
Extractor Groove 0.4470"
Wall Thickness 0.0130"
Case Length 2.5830"

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