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Muzzle Loader Rapid / Speed Loaders Muzzle Loader Rapid / Speed Loaders

Straight through tube allows for loading ball, patch and powder in one fluid motion.
Available for -
50 Cal - Green -3 pack
54 Cal - Red -3 pack

Our Price: $25.00
RMC Revolver Cylinder Loader RMC Revolver Cylinder Loader

Revolver Loading Stand –
Loading Stand for Blackpowder Revolver Cylinders.
Allows easy loading of a cylinder when removed from the gun. Fits all 1851, 1860, 1873 Colts, and 1858 Remingtons.
Also suits Ruger Old Army
Now available in one size that fits 36 and 44/45 caliber.
Screw the proper caliber loading cylinder on to the press arm.
Also includes 1cm dia spacer for cylinders with a larger center hole,

Our Price: $95.00
Traditions 44 Cal Cylinder Loader Traditions 44 Cal Cylinder Loader

Traditions .44 Caliber Revolver Loading Stand.
Allows for easy loading of .44 caliber revolver cylinders.
Fits Pietta model 1851, 1860, 1873, and 1855.
Will not fit .31 or .36 Cal. cylinders.

Our Price: $125.00