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21st Century Original Arbor Press 21st Century Original Arbor Press

Arbor Press
Adjustable press height
Rugged, lightweight and portable design
Easily mounted to loading bench
Our original arbor press is designed for use with seating and neck sizing hand dies. Carefully machined from stainless steel and aluminum, this lightweight design is perfect for easy transport to the field. Although its small size allows it to fit into almost any range bag without disassembly, our simple design still allows the press to be broken down and reassembled in seconds with the turn of an allen wrench.
The arbor features a compact and reliable rack and pinion action. Press head height is adjustable to provide up to 9” of clearance. A simple twist of the knurled post clamp knob releases tension on the post and allows the head to slide freely to the desired position.
The press does not need to be clamped down to function properly, but may be easily mounted to your loading bench via the twin countersunk mounting holes located in the base. A lightweight return spring allows the press to reset without hindering the feel of resistive feedback when seating or neck sizing.
Not designed for use with full length sizing dies.
Post is 3/4” diameter
Base is 4” x 5”

Our Price: $75.00
21st Century Arbor Press 21st Century Arbor Press

21st Century Arbor Press Long Arm Direct Leverage for reloading with straight line style dies like LE Wilson. Height is adjustable via lock knob on LH side.

Our Price: $475.00