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Hornady Bullet Puller Collets Hornady Bullet Puller Collets

Works with the Hornady Cam-Lock bullet Puller.

Collet #Calibre
#117 Cal
#222 Cal
#324 Cal
#425 / 26 Cal
#527 Cal
#628 MM
#730 Cal
#832 Cal
#9338 / 35 Cal
#10375 Cal
#11410 / 416 Cal
#12430 Cal
#1345 Cal
#1420 Cal

Our Price: $25.00
RCBS Bullet Puller Collets RCBS Bullet Puller Collets

For use with the RCBS Standard Bullet Puller. Designed to easily pull and not damage jacketed bullets.

Priced from $35 as reflected in your cart

Our Price: $35.00
Stuck Case Remover Stuck Case Remover

Consists of #7 drill, inch-20 tap and remover body. Ingenious design allows you to easily remove stuck cases from dies by drilling and tapping the stuck case then using the stuck case remover tool and allen wrench to easily unstick the case.Remover body fits universal shell holder ram or any standard reloading press. No wrenches required. No chance of damaging size die. Fits most presses with universal shell holder ram and all calibres.

Our Price: $50.00
Bullet Puller W/O Collets RCBS Bullet Puller W/O Collets RCBS

Bullet puller w/o collet ,7/8"-14 threaded body for use in Single stage and Turret style presses. Uses calibre specific collets (not included) to clamp onto the bullet to remove from case.

Our Price: $75.00
Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller Hornady Cam-Lock Bullet Puller

The fastest, easiest way yet to pull bullets with your press. Just clamp down and the bullet is out. Uses standard collets (sold separately).

Our Price: $75.00
Quinetics Bullet Puller Quinetics Bullet Puller

Not for use with rim fire cartridges or explosive projectile ammunition.
The Ultimate Model Kinetic Bullet Puller by Quinetics.
The most Energy-Efficient reloading tool available.
For all popular rifle, pistol, rim or rimless center fire cartridges.
Chuck Assembly makes the difference.
The tool's specially engineered chuck assembly evenly grips and holds case without damage to either cannelure or rim of case. 1/4 turn of the chuck and your ready to go. 1/4 turn of the chuck and your done.
No need to unscrew the chuck to load the bullet or remove the cartridge.

Our Price: $75.00